Saturday, January 19, 2008

iP1880 : my new tool

Recently i got myself a lil bit crazy while working from home without a proper gadget which i think most of you guys out there have.....

... i dig all the way in my old junkyard which is my room and realised that all those canon the 3 bubblejets fails me thou i have the catridges and refill which comes along.... n the issues pops up due to it's printer head thou i have refilled so many times and done so much testings :(

So my mission this weekend is to hunt down for the printer head...... me and aivie head down to Digital Mall @ PJ, and try to grab a proper printer head for a replacement. The sad part is that we could not get the printer head replace rather than a new printer itself which is around the same price....

Epson Stylus C90 VS Canon iP1880

.. so finally we were given some choices to choose from .... Canon iP1880 RM135 and Epson C90 RM145.... as i am not really hunting for a 3 in 1 printer as yet coz back home i have a Mustek scanner which is lying down there which i would pronounce it half dead since i do not really use it which i got from a contest.

A mistake that i made was not to do research before getting the new gadget back home :) Finally i chose Canon again but this time,it's different as it has it's very own printer head on their separate cartridges (since i have a lil bit phobia on printer heads which would cost so much). The next thing which makes me worry now is the refill part...i do not see any holes for me to inject new blood(ink) in and i hope i can get a compatible one for my new toy when i am done with it's ink....

The better side of Epson was the resolution (which is a lil bit higher than canon), it's waterproof inks and it's color inks which can be purchase at a separate unit. yellow cyan and magenta. The downside was again with the printer head.... hmmmmm... so it jst strike off..... plus it's the quantity of the black ink is provided is 5ml instead of 15ml which is provided by Canon :)

All right, i shall do some review once i start printing on my new toy..... wish me luck |

Here’re some tips of maintaining your printer which I found out after my 3 Canon died.

Tip 1:
Never put your printer directly under an airconditioning unit. The print head will be clogged with the ink, after the low temperatures make the ink solid. That’s a rough description of what happens. And if a print head is gone, it’s really pointless to send your printer for repair because it’s the most costly part in the printer.

Tip 2:
Try to print something every 2 weeks. Same reason as above. It will let the ink in the print head flow instead of being stuck in it. By printing every once in a while, you ensure that the ink in the print head always changes.

Hope these 2 tips will give your printer a longer life! Adios.