Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Have you seen this documentary yet.....

Don't worry is not banned yet, like those posted on behalf on Edison Chen :p

Sorry to tell those fans of him/ famous superstars out there, i have eventually seen those 'items' which he eventually leak out by himself....

Make sure you guys out, be cautious at all time. Make sure you Low Level Format your HDD whenever you donate your old CPU away..... or preferable you destroy it until it left no traces (* i mean if you have the same hobby/interest like what Edsion has :) )

Anyway, back to the line......

ZEITGEIST ?? aren't the "the spirit of the age" as per describe by me... but it's a movie which is based on true findings about what has actually happens in the past and being reviewed throughly which i was surprised to find out too...It denotes the intellectual and cultural climate of an era.

....Most of them are not in the news and it's quite true to believe in it based according to the fact the researcher have in place..... about 911 Incident, Inflations, How Government interfere folks in the states and how residents were mistreated about the truth.... Watch it for your own viewing purpose.... Nothing to lose....

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

(I gotta praise them for their courage to keep this up in the Internet World)..... i wonder if such material will be posted for Malaysia's Past Incident too (*behind the scene artifacts) inconjunction of the coming election.... as i have seen plenty of fwded mail about what other community other than Bumi should do, stand up and say hell yeah to other party other than BN :)

After reading the findings shared through those chain mail.... have i made my choice? Will I go for it / being impacted to change my mind? ......

.....Well, it's a secret... :)

Oh yeah ... another note, if you are not too sure you have registered yourself to the coming election / surprise to see yourself registered to this coming election by some MyKard personnels .... check this out.... some agency does that for you

Undi La Untuk Negara


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What's the pop3 and IMAP configuration for my mails

I have a PDA and Outlook but do not know how to synch up with my mailbox.

Following are the list of IMAP and Pop3 config for all of you. It may come handy when u need it.


Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

* Do NOT tick SSL
* Advanced Options : Tick Outgoing mail needs authentication (not SSL)

TMNet (Prepaid)

Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

* Do NOT tick SSL
* Advanced Options : Tick Outgoing mail needs authentication (not SSL)

Jaring (Prepaid/Postpaid)

Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

* Do NOT tick SSL
* Advanced Options : Tick Outgoing mail needs authentication (not SSL)

Gmail (POP)

Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

* Select SSL
* Advanced Options : Tick Outgoing mail needs authentication

Gmail (IMAP)

Incoming Mail (IMAP):
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Sunday, February 17, 2008

HP Kickoff 2008 @ One World Hotel

The journey to this event was like a treasure hunt for me......

..... i have to drive my way with a help of a map drawn by my dear.... which would agak agak guide me through the ups and down of the flyovers and shortcuts to avoid paying 2 tolls and cut away from the Federal Highway traffic :)

My treasure map

Yup, indeed it did led me to the treasure box but this time it seems like i am out of luck in the lucky draw event with more than 100 rounds of draws with great prizes .... huh such prizes which i miss out ; like the 42inch of plasma HDTV *3 , Surround System HDTV *4, iPods, HP iPACs, few thousand ringgit of Jusco Shopping Vouchers and lots more goodies :(

Looks like i can only bring back ... this hp lil strap with the lucky number 1064 .... i dun think so le my luck stops here le ...maybe i shall try out 4d tomolo ... haha....

Overall, the event can be considered a real success as i do see most of the crowds going out with a smile on their face as we were being entertained with plenty of songs sang by our very own Malaysian Idol , Jaclyn Victor. Next was very funny malay plum actress which stars in an advertisement for crocodile hunter/ comedian and indeed a very good singer and plenty of good jokes(sorry i forgotten her name,if you knw whom i meant, let me know). Last but not least, a very special, gorgeous looking violinist called Joanne Yeoh..... played plenty of amazing lovely song..... to pump us up with jazz mood....

Not forgetting the very own MC of the night; Selina C from mixFM and a Chinese guy... called Eugene.... hmmm... she's hot and the guy is a real joker...... that entertained us throughout the night :)

Here you go with what i ate and some pictures of the night....
I still do not know how to enjoy this appetizer ... oh yucks... i have to admit i am pure Asian
My Salmon oh Salmon... this taste good ...
That's Eugene in action
& A small group pict...of the table...

This time, did not really have the time to get some pictures with the hot chicks ... coz all the while was sitting and enjoying the show

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girls, you like shopping right...

Attention !!!


Shop-a-holics out there..... There is a new place for you to waste your time, hang around, snap nice pictures, and even baby sitting yourself at those high lifted/constructed restaurants..... likes Starbucks,Hong Kong Kafe Tiam too... and not forgetting shopping at those bazaar.

let's go shopping....
@ Ngaw Chey Sui @Ara Damansara

Donno the way, no problem..... follow the treasure map....

Oh yeah nearly forgotten today is a special day, allow me to wish everyone out there , Happy Valentine's Day ..... no matter you are alone, single and available,not available, let's cherish this moments with your loves one..... :)

Don't feel lonely coz i am sure this will cheer ya up.... Sing along my "ji muis" out there....chilled up! Feeling so gay now :)