Saturday, June 30, 2007

Are you serious? Mayday mayday...Advertlets goes down

Sounds familiar of..........
....... or seen this before.........

Suspended domain
This account has been suspended.
Either the domain has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.

Oh my how can such a Famous page goes down... when all their members wanted to check the hits and amount that they are getting over the weekend....

:) Dear Webmaster of, one suggestion, guess you must take preventive measurements and precautions actions on this lo. It is indeed a bad impression when downtime should not be happening. Maybe they should increase the bandwidth and security now else all our personal particular would be hacked n misused....

C:\Documents and Settings\jms_rulez>ping -t -n 5

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=215ms TTL=50
Reply from bytes=32 time=95ms TTL=50
Request timed out.
Reply from bytes=32 time=334ms TTL=50
Reply from bytes=32 time=233ms TTL=50

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 5, Received = 4, Lost = 1 (20% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 95ms, Maximum = 334ms, Average = 219ms

God bless everyone.... hope the server is not being hacked this time ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yellow yellow everyone here... fuyohhhh kena pijak.... pity Mr. fuYohh yoh man.....

... for me i personally i dun think so this yellow man is nice nor cute... but i am still a dedicated member of the DiGi ... since getting my first SIM Pack from my dad, 6 years back.... am i going to get any renumeration for being a long term subscriber to prepaid for these years.....

DiGi oh DiGi.... bagi lah... kereta tu kepada i .... since you givin out so many prizes in conjunction with Merdeka 50th Anniversary.. Aku pun reload ma.. tak dapat response also..... haiyorr... ur member ni dah haiyor ... instead of fuiyoh....

I wish i could have the skills like this too.. Can I? I was shocked, amazed by the simply amazing X'pert......... to finished this masterpiece using msPaint... at the end of this show, I am in Whoa Whoa whoaaaaaaa mood!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can you imagine what my tenant wrote?

Recently i placed out some notices around my area for the apartment which i am renting out, and i am glad, i got plenty of response from all around with all sort of races. Not only races, but from all type of people.... fussy , pathetic, crazy and demanding.

Finally, one of my tenant settles down but yet to move in to the unit and were triggered a notice.

You know what i got from the new tenant which is in one of the units? I was kind of amazed with the term and condition that he gave...... instead of me!!

From: "new tenant" <****_***>
CC: ****_***
Subject: RE: 3rd Party Transfer
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 10:08:30 +0800
>Dear james,
>I will move in my personal belongs on this Friday.
>Please leave the key with Kai Jun or anyone in your house during
>that time. Cuz I WILL (confirmed) be coming after 6pm on Friday.
>Only will stay there on 1st July.
>Last Request:
>1) Please DO NOT disturb me to study.
>Explaination: I am still studying in APIIT and also under corporate trainings. Averagely each week, I will have at least one exam either from APIIT or Corporate Training courses.
>Therefore, if possible I hope there will be no NOISE whatsoever that
>can go into my room from the living hall. I saw a few guitars and
>computer speakers in living hall which had worried me a little bit.
>From Monday - Friday:
>In the morning, I will study in school. Will only come back after
>6pm. After 12am at midnight, I wish there should be no NOISE as
>common sense everybody needs to sleep for the other morning's works.
>From Saturday-Sunday:
>I will be at home studying. Seldom go out.
" jMs quotes : Wow... are you joking with me ... or are you trying to stay in library... do u think you can restrict or even disciplined your housemates like you are the man... do u really have life? "

>2) Please treat me nice and politely during my tenancy.
"jMs quotes : Do you think your housemate are bouncers?"

>3) I am happy to share the internet connection together. I will pay
>you RM88/4= RM22 on 1st July.
"jMs quotes : Abuden, are you sure? What if we use too much of bandwidth? You want to placed a meter there.... to calculate it by the bits."
>PS. My IC is in the attachment.
>Thank you.
>Warmest Regards,

What's you say? Isn't this weirdo? But one thing for sure was he's a good boy after all.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday blues

Went to work and started with some reviewing session on what am i going to today since today it's a beautiful Monday. ... while thinking the bright side of what i have leftover on a decision making which i need to finalized today.

.... in the end... i did show to my boss a lil effort today ... spoke to this kuai lou on a deal whereby the conclusion could not be fulfilled.... but will be continued by tomorrow.... therefore i guess the whole week would be real hectic for me.

...back home... charged up to my computer to run the backup on my machine.... from my external harddisk. The reason was, my hDD went wild again... same same issue. Guess, it's going to be another day in low yat once i have completely back my stuff up on those DVDs.....

Wish me luck on the upcoming future HDD.. hopefully it does not gives me bad sector after all... i admit i hate it when my data need to be revived with apretty cool application namely GetDataBack for NTFS (crack one of course) :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shocking visit

Today, i spend this beautiful Sunday with Aivie @ home b4 we head on to the park for some keep fit session.. coz both of us does have some cool belly bottoms to challenge each other.... we had a few meters of jogging session.... :) and head home to be ready for a visit

By dawn,we went to my yee por house @ bangsar to pay a visit coz she just had her laser tuning on her right eye .... so called PDT (Photo dynamic Therapy) which cost her around 6.5 grand ... On our journey, we got along the her recent happenings with his ah bob boi and then I got myself shocked when she told me about the recent development of bangsar.... wow .... not just that.... i gotta admit she is quite 'in' for her age.... "hell yeah"

... to my embarrassing moments... i am totally shocked... she told me me about Starbucks and cosy restaurants which I have not even been there or even hear before.... boo to me!

... yup i have to admit i am kind of out-dated even my 74 years old grand aunt is much more informative than i am ... malu me...

Not end yet.... she even brought us to a mamak after the chat till 1130 .... oh my.. wat a cool grandmum.... oh my oh my....

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got in a space where decision making is required

What would you feel if on the same day itself you got to make a decision that you may risk your future or even determine your future?

It is similarity with what everyone around the world are facing it now?

I was being offered a new job in the firm that i am working but on condition i will have a higher job scope while i can't turn back to the job with the same team? The advantages of being in the current post were kind of relaxing at times while the new will differs.

As for the new post offer, would be much higher than what i am earning now.... i gotta admit that i do appreciate my supervisor to recommend me to be in another job but is it really a good move , or is it actually a threat which he felt threaten by me or my presence in the team which resulted in this?

I will be taking an exam soon with a bunch of people by the end of the week, and as far as i know they do have competition within me. Nevertheless, my supervisor did mentioned that this test is just a normal review session which would not be counted in mind for me... wow.... " in my mind : are you sure? or are you trying to push your luck? "

Anyway, for this... i am still indecisive as yet... but most likely will be finalizing it by the following week.

Damn it, next were another business opportunity which were offered to me from a x classmate of mine.

This business were more towards the Direct selling but one thing which is special were i don't need to sell, i don't need to push sales but to locate for people or partners which is a.k.a. known as franchise by the group. I got stuck on that right after my work @ 1800 till 2300, and i got to admit it was indeed a good challenge of life to venture in this but you really have to risk.

Yup, the consultant did mentioned that indeed it is a risk no matter what you are in to, but as long as the marvelous 5 does their role, you are here to fly off the kite. Anyway, again... indecisive as yet.....

I know this ain't good ... indecisive doesn't bring any man anywhere.... therefore again, it's going to be finalized by end of the week.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Show your kind support

Hello semua,

Wanted to do a deed today? Help this group of people which states

我们对新山治安败坏的严重性,深感忧心忡忡;人民生活在恐慌的恶劣环境中,财物性命没有保障。 以下签名者向我国政府传达我们强烈的心声,希望警方全力以赴, 重点扑灭严重罪案, 还我人民一个安全的生活环境。

Pihak kami serentak merasai keadaan keamanan dan keselamatan di Johor Bahru semakin tergugat dan rakyat hidup dalam situasi yang bimbang dan gelisah. Bersama ini kami menurunkan dandatanggan sebagai satu penyampaian citarasa kami kepada pihak berkuasa, kami berharap pihak polis akan menfokus dan berusaha dengan sepenuhnya bagi membanteras jenayah untuk mengembalikan keyakinan kehidupan yang aman kepada rakyat semua.

The Link that might show your support

Oh ya, I am not sure if this is a 'no scam' , nor fake page to generate anything from you.... De decision is up to you ya

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fat boy on Futsol Pitch

Got invited to a futsol game by the company.... n this time it's at Footy Futsol Centre..... somewhere near Taman Megah.

Footy Futsol Sdn. Bhd.
Lot 10989,Jln SS24/10,

Taman Megah, 47310
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The games started with a boom.... bang... and pong... with all empty shots.... by the fat boy :) Glad that there was a winner in the end.

....Running, struggling, yelling, shouting, dribbling and sprinting that is how i would describe this game.... :)

By the end, of the fight some of us got bruises, bleeding and sweating... we all mabuk mabuk ... take a snap shot of the day ~

There u see there u don't ` jessica: thanx for your camera picts ya ... veli pretty shot :[

And yeah, the Fat boy i am talking was me....

Happy Father's Day everyone

To all those which dah become daddy , papa , or 'baa bee' in french.... n soon to be daddy by accident or preplanned or maybe to those Sugar daddy.... out there~

Happy Father's day....

I am sure today would be a great event for you to have your son, daughters and grandchildren surrounding you.... but for me... i did not manage to go back to my hometown to celebrate this wonderful event due to work as i jst came back from work on Saturday morning ... so did not manage to catch a bus home else it would be a kelam kabut time for me coz on the following week, i will be on morning shift... n there there goes the celebration.....

anyway, i am sure my dad won't b mad @ me since i already got him a gift last week on Parent's day.... well, someone close to me says, why arrr... guys alwiz attends mother's day and not for father's day.....

is it really true that, for guys, they are alwiz closer with mum than dad.... is this real? What's your thoughts?

Mine, i would say, it's kind of true... coz i can see... my sista is alwiz closer with dad while me alwiz hang out with my mum... even in the kitchen @ times.....

i guess maybe someday back, i should be wearing on skirts, or apron .. :) n go windows shopping like any other gals... out there... haha

Friday, June 15, 2007

Microsoft Surface - The Power

Just recently i came across a new thing thing that happening around us, which i would like to share with you .

Inroducing you the , taddaaaa

Microsoft Surface - The Power

yaya... i knw this would be known to some of you out there... but me ... it's still something pretty new... haha... wish i wish i could have it on my desk to work with me... :)

n when i lie down on the surface... it will says, lazy bum and give me 2 tight slap.... else i will trigger/ programmed it to massage for me as i lay down to the surface.... :p

Talking about the smart tunnel nxt ....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chillz out everyone... i am a bit off track....

Hi everyone, i am kind off a bit running off from this bloggerized world this time as i was busy with life happening events which is on going.....

Allow me to share with you some.. to chill me n you up...

Lao zhar bor

We live in Singapura MTV

After listening to it, i was a bit enlighten about life.... hope this does for you as well...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nikefootball : Jangan togel

I came across this ads and was a bit shocked or maybe was a bit paiseh to know that my Bahasa Melayu classes in primary and secondary dah missing from my mind... i knw i dah tak kenal dgn ni.... I personally would like to know 'apa tu jangan togel ' which i finds in the website which is recently being hosted by nike.....

Oh yeah, btw how would you pronounce this brand 'nike' ....want to know why i ask this, coz it's alwiz a joke when i bring this brand up to my friends .... they would just laugh all the way on how i pronounce it.... anyway, i did some googling... wiki says, it's pronounced as 'nye-kee'

... i would say .... it's 'naik kee' while some of them says it's 'naike'.... how about u?

Anyway, here's the link for the page which i meant.... about togelling...

Enjoy your togelling already?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Going back for Parent's Day

I am getting ready to be back home for this newly introduced celebration, The Parent's Day.... this is the first time i celebrate this event..... i am not sure if this would be official but i would say it's interesting... have you heard of it b4?

This event was introduced by the church I am, the St.Michael's Church at KG. Tawas Ipoh whereby all members are invited to a restaurant to have their feast and prayers.... according to some findings from googling .... i found out that the Parent's day represents a day to remembered our dad and mum..... or even ancestors....

In some countries , they even have their song to sing in front of their parent's. Nicely composed....
while different countries has their way to celebrate theirs.....

More readings from here. Well, I would say, it is indeed a good idea whereby family can cherish their time together with their special ones on the same day... which falls on July 23, 2006 as Parents' Day.

And you want to know why you celebrate this event? Link

Want more on Parent's day .... grab this link .... after reading don't forget to give your mum and dad a ring telling them, you love them.....

And here are some cards for your High Tech Mum and Dad

Till then.... gotta for back hometown liau... by coach....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Was actually hooked up with workload/job and unnecessary tasks that were running around ....

.... at times was hanging around doing unnecessary stuff such as downloading new software to mess with... n not forgetting the crack ones from forums

.... my favorite place was this
In this forum, a lot of ang mou / kuai lou would be doing their talkings compared to our locally forum Lowyat Forum which has plenty of spammersss... haha... am i right or wrong... neway , u decide.... which you prefer..... New forum that you think would be the best place to hang around, do let me know ya....

Here are some software which i feel it might be cool and might be for you ...

HD Tune : which allows ya to test out your HDD consistency ... something like medical check up... i am sure you wouldn;t want your hdd to go crazy in front of you one day ...don;t u?

PDF Creator : Allows you to create PDF from any format. Sometimes, I would say adobe pdf comes in handy wherever you go as long as it's in pdf file format. ... fyi... even my resume is in pdf.... and it compatible with any version which is good.

AutoScreenRecorder 2.0 : If you would like to record or video document on what you did.... go ahead and try this freeware. It's pretty easy to maintain.

And I have to admit I just like freebies....

How about some website that I recently visit?

Feng Shui from Lilian Too : Nice place to hang around ... cos I admit I am a bit of busy body and pat gua....I like the tips and tricks section.... ... oh man... did i admit that....

Here are some tips which I grab it from Lilian Too website:
Tips 1: Do not have a water feature in the bedroom.

Activating the presence of water leads to loss - loss of money and loss of relationships. Water features refer to paintings with river, waterfalls and lakes. They also refer to aquariums. Glasses of water by the bedside are fine.
jMs Comments : I guess I am going to hung my towel outside then... which i am going to do.. hehe.... be frankly it's kind of troublesome... but how about attached bathroom in my room... oh my... should i seal up the toilet now... :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

test 3

Trying to add the leaderboard and ads on this wasn't as easy as expected..... some more, day by day exploring this place was great.... from it's dull template to another one.

Let's see how far can i go further..... :)

One thing for sure .... was that I'm not feeling that bad or tired even staying up at this late even thou have to wake up at 0600 for work...huh..... guess it's something which i am interested in... trying an error... i guess..

Wish me luck n hope if i don't fall asleep while i am working... n being slapped on the head from the boss... which i dun wish to.... :)

Oh yeah b4 i end this post, allow me to share with you a test of my current favorite hit series (Heroes). I took up a quiz from a link i got it from JW and the result was

Which ''Heroes'' TV Character are YOU? [pics]

Hiro Nakamura
You're Hiro!!! You are cute, funny, and know languages! You are kind and sweet and don't let anyone tell you what to believe or what to think. You may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but you're smart when it comes to matters of right and wrong. You always try to do the right thing and you usually live up to that standard. You have the power of TIME TRAVEL and TELEPORTATION. Go wherever you want, anytime you want. You save money on airfare and you can change the present and the future. You are now a master with a katana and can kick some Sylar-ass.
Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by

At the end of it. I ask this to myself. Can I ? Will I? Shall I?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another testing

Test1: Hello this is a test platform which i post this from my personal email.... my personal yahoo email....

Test result: Passed. Manage to send out from it. Dear all, this function can be enabled from Settings => Email => Mail-to-Blogger Address => ******* n one thing, do remember to check for the publish option else it would end up as your draft copy.

From there on, you can alwiz keep everyone updated whenever, wherever you are wired by emailing to the ******* that you have set.

p.s. Do keep your email anonymous, as it's dangerous be reviewed just like your ATM pins, else your webspace would be terrorized

Test2: I am trying to add a photo through attachment from my yahoo email... i wonder where does the picture would appear since i could not HTML it....

Test result: Failed. I wonder if I were to send it from my outlook from my workmail, will it works? Let me test it out when i get back to work.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


while i was searching for some widgets for this template.... i had some testing ... on some codes which was generated for some recent comments to be previewed on the main page....

found this page through 4eva encyclopedia buddy : & here's the link....
Comment generator

The codes were some sort of script loaded from

And the Output was TADAA:

Really have to thanks for the author for coding this.....

Besides, next i would be looking forward for a link to previewed back the older post..... i wonder how.... any of you readers that came across this, feel free to share with me......

Thanks ahead~

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dull day

Argued with gf and got on fire.....

.... i did nothing wrong but i might be too fussy afterall.....

...sorry for making ur day dull, and sad too.....

..... nevertheless, you are the the best....

No matter what's the reason was, i will be alwiz be there for support...

Neway, the sad thing was there in me too...

To get myself chill out .... i went to some photo gallery of mine to dig out some shotz of me n my gf.... @ putrajaya malaysia by the bridge