Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To report or not to report?

It happens to me in the past occasion when my car was break in from the boot, therefore am sharing my view with all since it's still in my mindset which cannot be removed, and happily cursing the culprit day by day behind all this.... huh

Allow me to elaborate a lil bit....
It was a horrible night that i went through while i was at sri petaling night market, happily shopping for goods. Lepaking with my gal @ the night market. Just when i were to opened it, i found nothing left in the boot ... haiseh.... the worse thing is that i can't even stuff my car keys to the boot... thanks to you la culprit.... so i have to open it from the driver seat lo....

What makes my anger worsen was the alarm, i wonder why it wasn't triggered when it was force open..... thou it's on active mode.... damn .....

Therefore i went to through the hassle to police station to report it, we went to the lil pondok to report, then it took us an hour to share the chronology on a piece of handwritten paper on what are the items that are lost and so on.... some more have to wait for another person in front of us in the queue which was also impacted per due to the same reason.... damn it....

Right after our report, he told us to go to the main balai to report te same @ brickfields... damn you man.... it's already 2300 and i still have something to do at home man.... so i also head there la so that they can computerized it on their system... i went there , even more waiting lists out side..... damn damn damn....

Same process happens again and same questions being question and question again..... what a system are we talking man.... sharing again and again is making it worse man..... we are not the culprit but victim man.. how many times you would like to discuss wor.....

Anyway, the worst of the worst happens now, nothing was capture, not even a single finger print was done on my car, not even a snap shot of my car.... then overall what i got from the past 4 hours of running around was jst a piece of report which is only printed on a low quality A4 paper...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Repay your credit card @ the same rate

Ever wondered to run away from debts?

.... outstanding balance on your tonnes of credit cards?
..... running away from the interests which was recently being implemented/introduced by the banks?...... which is pretty slaughtering like ah long....
... or something which you can't stand with banks on repayments scheme>

Look for me, i have some contacts for you to just replay the amount that you are facing outstanding to your cards.....

Tag me offline or online if you are interested.... i will arrange someone to reach you. Need not worry, i am not part of ah long but would just want to give an extra hand in what you have been absorbing :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a life ! Jusco Member Sale Fever

what a jam i encounter this morning

have you ever imagine, what sort of jam you would stuck in the very early hours.... or a journey which you use to take 30 minutes to work while it was extended to an hour and a half ?? back 2 back , or i shall call it buntut 2 buntut.. damn gay right..

how bad that was :(

Overall, felt so de uncomfortable when my mind kept thinking and making assumptions as i am still on the road as if what the hell again to those police road block.... are they going to block the 3 lanes and leave another one flowing without checking while you enjoying your chitchat chit chat under the your picnic table? ..... that's how i would describe their effort in counter or slowing down the traffic / illegal gathering... hmmm....

Besides that, i made up another assumption that there was a major accident which is just around the corner .... all my assumption was wrong when i turn in the mid valley corner.... it was the damn packed Jusco Member's Day Sale Queue >.. at 9 am the car park is already showing sign of FULL.... can you imagine that... HUH....!!! @#$^#@

No doubt, i did not want to miss out that chance too once i got off my work, i head there to join in the crazy crowds... indeed the sales was pretty attractive, and damn cool, i jst slot my card as if there are no one stopping :(

shall not be looking forward to my month end billing :(

Chill yourself a bit tonight.... 

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

RM625 richer ??

Hi folks,

Have you claimed yours?

I did , here you go if you have yet to carry out yours, print it out and submit it :)

Voila ... RM625 richer

Document to RM625 richer

Anyway, hopefully, they have better rebates next time on all our transportation mode.... and subsidies on most of the item that i use .... greedy oh me

Nice articles which you might be interested on how to use your RM625 :)