Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sir, you want any nice young lady, I can recommend for you young and beautiful girl

See nowadays, they are simply so daring.... besides appearing in hypermarkets, their network expands till there are such card and flyers hitting our mailboxes :)

Not only that, at the back of the card, not only they are smart in delivering their products but also to different type of audience. Gengggg arrr..!

Just wonder, are they students ? hahaha

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sister Graduation - Congrats !!!

Wow , i do know that the following post maybe a really backdated blog that i wrote... :)

Well, i better be recalling some of the wonderful moments that everyone of us had on this wonderful day - @ Penang

On 15th August 2009 , our family started the early hour road trip from Ipoh to Penang to attend my sister's graduation @ USM - Penang. It was indeed a good day for my sister after a 4 years battle at USM and finally she graduated from her studies in Material Engineering. Proud of her and keep it up !

Nevertheless, all the best in your master and phD courses - gambateh !

B Point Hotel , Penang - the place we settled down for a night

Spacious Apartment

Time to tryout the outfit - :) muahaha .....

@ Penang Megamall - found a pict which looks alike my cousin sis - hmmm going to show it to her soon - Jessie - in this world someone does look alike you - :)

My sister's jumui

No comment :p

With Mr Professor

with my proud parents

and her jimui and frenz

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maybank2u mobile programmers !

I was so thrilled, happy and convenient and proud to be Maybank2u Mobile user when i came across a new mobile tool for my old symbian phone, Maybank2u Mobile which allows me to check my account while i'm on the move ... especially month end ... muahaha...

But one thing which made my cry for was the interface, which does not allow me to Fund Transfer to New Payee Account, currently the interface only allow favourite 3rd party or favourite 3rd Party GIRO account. Apa la ni.... then how la..... for instance i wan to pay a fren of mine while he's become the boss of the day

Brush up brush up.... maybank2u mobile team !
Another note: it's not only applicable for Celcom and Maxis users only as per published on the website , but i'm a DiGi user also can use the mobile service..... therefore please correct the statement on it

Anyway, I still like ur tool very much ! Make sure, it's really secure while we are making such transaction via the tool you guys created and do those new tools coming in-

Maybank2u Mobile
Minimum Spec Prior Installation of Mobile Tool.
  • M2U Mobile
  • Mobile banking services available to Celcom and Maxis subscribers with GPRS/3G mobile phones
  • Minimal requirements:
  • Mobile phone with GPRS/3G access (Java and MIDP2.0)
  • 128kb SIM/USIM card

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maybank2u Notification Confusing Me !

I went to Maybank2u at 09/09/09 and was confused by the web notification that they are currently doing a maintenance today - Sunday while i thought today was already Wednesday .. apa la ni... did they even notice it when the web administrator post this up .... :)

I wonder if the admin is really thinking of weekend too much ... haha.. i hope some of their prepost processing of transaction was not even backdated and keep debiting to our accounts.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spooky enough to pump more blood to my brain...

There is still something that i had in mind when this took place yesterday after i fetch aivie back home around 2200. Along the way, this spooky thing took place. It was just like a normal night when i drift home, just that the difference is a cooling night after a stormy night.

How would you feel when you are driving alone along a dark road, around a corner, suddenly the door opens itself at the driver seat? The next thing that triggers me , was to quickly swing my hand to the handle of the door and slam it tightly and immediately slam on the door locks.

Gosh, blood were pumping in my head and i still feel 'something' is rushing into my car. Keep peeping at the rear mirror and back mirror but there are not even a shadow for me to see. " which makes me more freak out.....

Besides that, i force myself to think, could it be the pressure in my car which trigger the door to open ? or could it be i did not close the door properly when i step into the car? Then i recall, i heard it was like 'someone' opens the door. Gosh .... that makes me more freak out when i knew in the next few days, it will be the Hungry Ghost festival
whereby this celebration will be celebrated by chinese community to worship to those unsettled spirits which is roaming around .... for food and 'substitutes !!!! but im not your food nor subs..

gosh .....till then, don't be freak out if you encounter the same scneario like me, just try to be macho and steady and drive your car..... dun be so kiapo like me and dun even think of looking back at the mirror when something may just pops in later. Just try to have a peace of mind and drive home to a safe ground.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

What a weekend !

see.... what spoils my wonderful weekend !

Huh !


agenda that has been planned properly was ruin by such an incident..... as per due to an aunty' which is trying to rush to somewhere without noticing my car.... ouch!

.... there goes all the nice agenda for my weekend...

  • lil nephew party @ Shah Alam... did not accomplished :(
  • PC fair ... success
  • Shah Alam - new house viewing .... did not accomplished :(
  • Subang warehouse clearance sale ... did not accomplished :(

in other wards, it was replaced with

  • ......... arguing a bit with the aunty which hit my car , which her husband kept insisting it is my fault.... ouch - i should have skipped this session.... this is such a waste of time.... and let the police do the talking
  • ..... awaiting for patrol police car for 15 minutes upon reporting to 999
  • ... was told by the police to report at the trafik police station @ klang bus station... within 24 hours from the incident time
  • ... told by police that there was an illegal gathering at KL , so it is advisable not to head on to the town till late night...
  • ........ typing a long winded uncle style report of the whole incident on system which the police force used.... @ 2230 .. keyboard was so so so cacated.... * really want to smack on the keyboard if it is mine.... huh.. but can't
  • .........interviewed by a Sarjan which made the judgement day of who's the fault of the incident.... i'm happy with the final verdict --- which i won ... and being 100% compensate by the other party ....yay !

Next, what worries me, WORK ! how the hell am i going to go to remote site @ bangi without a car ... ouch......., have to go to KL - insurance agency to collect a claim form and get all documentation ready ..... in order for me to get the claims...
........ next finding a trustworthy workshop .... i do hope that they replaced genuine products that the parts which they replaced will not come off in 6 months down the road. ...
............ next how soon will i get my ride back.....

till then....

Drive safely, put your indicator whereever you wanna spin, do not rush, and ensure you do not spoil the weekend of someone.... else you will end up like mine :)

wat a weekend... signing off

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maybank2u User Be Careful

Users of Maybank2u becareful of the recent activity of this buggers which is trying to hunt for your user credentials.

I received similar fraud today and i hope no one get caught as such. Maybank does not sent such crazy emails out for you to reactivate your account nor ask you to reset password on email as well as website as that will point you to a link or you called it URL or hyperlink.

The only approach from the bank is that they will request you to head to the bank to reactivate it.

Anyway, here's the sample email to all.

Title : Maybank : Urgent - Transaction Problem‏ and Maybank : Urgent -- Final Warning‏

Dear Valued Customer,

We discovered a serious security problem in your account as several unauthorized transactions were attempted. We deactivated and also restricted access to your account for security and safety reasons. Your urgent attention is required to reactivate your account. Please be informed that your account will be terminated if not activated now.



Maybank Group
" may be just one of the URL that you want to prevent

and there may be more...... so whenever you wan to click on a link, please remember to move your mouse cursor over the Hyperlink which then you would then give yourself a clearer picture at the far left hand bar .... you will see where does the page points too. ... jadi pls dun blindly click on it .....

All the best, and I really hope no one got caught when they see similiar emails flooding your mailbox.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is it really worth it?

As some of you may know i'm being relocated to an ulu place where i will face no jam in the morning nor night.... but what comes along is the OT time i stayed back.

Working in a total different culture and environment supporting a very "superb" financial institution is really good challenge to me and bringing my day shorter and more miserable.

well, i understand some of you may say.... this is life and you have to work for it... ... but my place now is like total disaster recovery / total restructure is required where all are jumble up and need to align all the puzzles which are laying at the floor. picking up shits, processes and ppl which would like to see you trip.

2 further add on to it, what's worst is that 2 different mgmt are trying to run the show, and i hope they can align what are their deliverable that they have committed to the clients that they sign off with the customer. both the mgmt not only to feedback/screwed/nag but be frankly you have to sit at the war zone and feel it. So far, 6 came in, 2 KO due to different reasons.

Luckily im grewing sideways, else ppl would may say.... hmmm james, what happen to you ... more pimples and older day by day..... :(

Fine, i think i felt much happier now after my grumblings ... im not signing off the day yet, as am still driving another case to satisfy our customers :p

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Babies created from your very own palm

I was amazed and astonished by this wonderful artist with her very detailed artwork. Wish i have at least 1% of her skills. :)

Source taken from :

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cheers to Edmund and Jenna

It's been a hectic week with a packed schedule during the Labour day mood, and it was indeed a superb weekend that i spend my time back at ipoh to meet up with relatives and family since our last meeting was during Chinese New Year, as of now we gathered together gether in conjunction of my cousin's sista's wedding.... all the way back from Singapore :)

The perfect event kicked off from the house next door till the dinner place @ Tower Regency Hotel - * which i think is pretty new and 'in' place for people to hold some cool events. The Hospitality there is still another thing to brush up with... i shall not further comment it till the next posts. :)

Anyway........... Cheers to Jenna and Edmund !
Looking forward for the next event ya : Full moon this time :)

Well, as usual, i was terrorized by relatives with a Question Mark ?????? that was highlighted all the time whenever I attended such event, and I'm sure everyone you out there encounter this during such events :)

Guess what's the question about? haha

When's your turn?
Wei, your mummy is waiting le?
Wei, your mum is drooling?
Are you anxiously looking forward for one?

My answer to the question is pretty straight forward
Look at their eyes and say , hmmm good idea, soon :) then i think again ... oops is time now :p

Anyway, yup soon it's going to be my turn and it was indeed a good thing to be settled down.

Well, not to drag any longer, i shall shower you guys with some perfect pictures caught from the event.


that's my mum with aivie

Wow , yummy !

:) speechless , nice posing

As usual, this would be the yumcha session served by the groom and the bride.

That's my cousin brathers
and so coindentally this wedding falls on a day when my dear aivie and donny's birthday !
The birhday kids ! :) 02-05-2009
Even baby johann enjoyed the crowd and start their baby talk :p

And when all yumcha session is over, it's time for dinner @ Tower Regency Hotel
They do offer service apartments too @ an affordable rates.

with my cute lil newphe Johann
that's Johann again :)
yes , is him again , jst like his brother Victor :)

my cute lil niece : Kristine and Heather :)

Ain't he cute, he's a wannabe CEO now, u do ur job, else i sacked ya

this is what he see when the stock market goes down
if you are doing good job, here you go with a cheeky smile on his face :)

the lovely couple cousin vivien and wai


photo session with leng chai and leng lui

Laughters and perfect moments that every family members are looking for.
Happy and Harmony ...

Last but not least, the final toasts to All whom made this event a success.