Sunday, April 19, 2009

The battle of MobileBroadband Services

I buat kecoh a bit when my ISP disappoints me, which resulted that i have to think of the alternative .......


P1 WiMax

DiGi Broadband

Maxis Broadband

Noted : *not really that updated

Oh yeah, there's a good compilation done by DiGi too with other competitors except for the ISP that i'm using which is iZZi , maybe the ISP that i'm using may just tar pau one fine day ... without my notice. :( but i hope not ...

But anyway, my comments about the current ISP is that

  • recently it's been down for 7 days (* i'm so frustrated till i thought of changing ISP)
  • support time till 2200pm only (* you die die also cannot reach anyone for help)
  • device is kind of bulky

  • service uptime was great (* until recently, which kills me for 7 days without internet)
  • No capped of download and upload. (* avg download activity 40GB per month)
  • it follows you and point to to the nearest base station and not like hotspot and so on.
  • i can go online eventhough i'm at 3rd floor and above. (* umbrella type based station)
  • they rebate you another 7 days for the downtime that they fail to deliver :) (*

Happy doing some comparison and choose wisely ya ....

Friday, April 10, 2009