Monday, March 31, 2008

where did i get those side widgets?

Just some sharing sharing session since i could not sleep, maybe it's due to the teh tarik i took before this post......

Have you ever wonder where did i get those side widgets from......
  • fellow bloggers
  • useful websites likes and etc....
The first one would be the special cute generator for your email..... to prevent spammers to get your email hook up with spams....

tada.... Nexodyne the creative generator

I like most of the designs which comes together with it, but too bad i only manage to generate and share some here with you guys. you may want to decorate your website with all this cute e-Mial icon :)

Want to track how many users are watching you on the spot.... simply install the codes below:

Want to track them further, where they come from...... what time they hit your page.... how many times u are being hit.... n so on....

Head on to StatCounter. It's free registrations.... Enjoy!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nothing is free in this world

Let me share you a funny post.....

while i was on my way back to my hometown e-pou yesterday.... by bus .....

I went through some funny scenario whereby a pakcik came up to the bus while we were waiting for the bus to depart ... yelling.... siapa belum ambil air.... this phrase attracts lots of attention....

...including me.... (* but one thing that pulls me back was an email which i came across.... read the following for more... why i pull out from grabbing the what other aunty and folks took happily 2 packets per person.)

..... let me continue my story.....before the shocking email thread i came across ...

So when that pakcik successfully distribute all the his packet drinks...... and everyone was so happily jumping up and down (*thought sri maju giving free drinks) unpacking the drinks and suck up the drinks..... all of them were shock when the pakcik yell out again....
"okay.... siapa sudah ambil, dua ringgit please"

Ouch ... !!! that's when everyone face turn purple,shock......... one of them even quoted
Pakcik : berapa packet ambik..... dua ringgit satu packet ---nya
Aunty :" mmmaaaaannnyak mahal-lo "
Pakcik : Kencing pun mau bayar ma.... mana ada free punya wor nyonya.....
Aunty : Kept quiet ..... :p while i guess she was cursing him in her heart.... why i should buy this packet of drink which i can buy it at 0.80cents per packet :)

muahahahaha.... okay la... u should know what we should learn from this story .....

All right some scary post u may want to share with your kawan sekalian.....

From: XXXX xxx XXXX
Friday, March 14, 2008 2:46 PM
cara terbaru menyebarkan kuman HIV

> Berikut adalah artikel yang perlu diambil perhatian sekiranya anda belum
> membacanya... Sila baca artikel berikut mengenai orang yang HIV positif
> seronok menyebarkan virus HIV. Ianya pernah ke udara di dalam Televisyen
> Thai di mana pesakit HIV ditangkap & didakwa, tapi apa gunanya, beliau
> telah
> merosakkan ramai orang awam yang tak berdosa. Jadi sila
> berhati-hati... Beberapa tempat berbahaya dan kebarangkalian menemui jarum
> penyuntik yang telah digunakan penagih
> 1. Di kawasan pantai. Apabila anda berjalan di pantai sila pakai
> selipar atau kasut, ada penagih dadah yang melakukan aktiviti di tepi
> pantai danmenimbus jarum penyuntik di dalam pasir. Penyuntik ini
> kemudiannya terdedah akibat ombak.
> 2. Di kawasan permainan kanak-kanak. Satu lagi kawasan pilihan
> penagih.Terdapat kes di Australia di mana kanak-kanak yg tak berdosa telah
> tercucuk jarum penyuntik apabila beliau turun daripada papan lunsur &
> kemudiannya didapati HIV positif.
> 3. Di panggung wayang. Sila pastikan kerusi yg anda duduki. Kes yang
> terjadi apabila seorang perempuan duduk di kerusi beliau dan terasa
> sesuatu benda mencucuk. Beliau berdiri dan mendapati ada penyuntik dan
> nota berbunyi "Welcome to the real world, you are now HIV positive' .
> Doktor telah memeriksa jarum tersebut & mengesahkan ianya terdapat
> virus HIV. Ianya berlaku di Hawai jadi berhati-hati... .
> 4. Di Georgia & Florida , ada kes menunjukkan pesakit HIV meletakkan
> penyuntik di dalam tempat mengembalikan syiling, mesin air minuman...
> jadi pastikan bila anda membeli air atau kandi, perhatikan betul-betul
> tempat mengembalikan wang syiling... .mungkin terdapat jarum penyuntik di
> dalamnya.
> 5. Di restoran Burger King, pesakit HIV yang juga pekerjanya
> meletakkan sedikit darah di dalam burger & mencampurkan dengan mayonis
> dan salad. Ianya seperti sos. Jadi cuba jangan pesan burger dengan
> mayonis & sos Order di tempat lain. Ini adalah nyawa anda. Sila
> 'foward' maklumat ini sebanyak mungkin kepada orang lain, especially
> orang yang anda cintai, anak anda
> dan sesiapa saja...
> Dr Yasmin Anum Mohd Yusof
> Associate Professor & Head Dept. of Chemical Pathology
> School of Medical Sciences
> USM, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan , MALAYSIA .
> kalau anda rasa ia nya x penting...x yah ssh2 4ward....
> tp klu rasa ianya penting....
> anda mmg jenis org yg caring laa....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Luna Bar - not my type

I went to this place in conjunction on my 4th year anniversary with my gf. I gotta say that this place is still not up to what i expected which i have seen on the website or some personal review that I came across.

There's no cover charge for entering on weekdays while the environment is just okay only la. Finding the treasure point is a problem for me as i am first timer to this place ma..... I hope the guide here would help you a little bit ... Guide on how to get to location to find this place in future.

A lot of ang mou was there to enjoy the moments by the pool side. Well, as usual once we sat down drinks are being serve.

The waitress was kind of surprise, while her eyes was rolling up and down, why? coz not single alcoholic drinks being requested in her bill :) but just sticking with fresh juice only and pizza. Me good boi ma..... :)

We sat at the non-smoking area, the place was kind of peaceful but the cushion was kind of uncomfortable for me as it keeps sliding down (*maybe i am too fat!!!). The settings in the non-smoking area was great with nice lightings filled with cool jazz songs compared to those environment by the pool whereby you have to squat and fold your legs like japanese style :(
(* big belly like me, ada problem)

Overall, the pizza (RM 30) was okay la , fresh juice is from peel fresh (RM 15), trust me .... not really that cun... maybe should try out' kuai lou leong char' on my next trip :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Try it out, got it from kenny

Came across some q&a and i went through it, it's kind of interesting thou to find out, where i stand :)

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

Something addition which you and me, might want to take note of.......

Check it out
Election OR Erection? by Elaine

All right, I know you are bored of politics, let me share with you what i found on the net about the upcoming Olympic Games which is hosted by our ancestor's home ground... China Z:)

Syoik la you girl, must be super VIP savers installed for you !!!

That's very direct, how about spitting le, i thot China people used to it :)

OMG, that's cute right.... nice name to reflect the 3rd largest planet to serve our waste :)

I would be the amazed how many of gays are enjoying this :)

Very sad to see this :(

Phua Chu Kang lookalike only can Go In, Dun Play Play Ar