Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Try it out, got it from kenny

Came across some q&a and i went through it, it's kind of interesting thou to find out, where i stand :)

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™, I am voting for...


Who Should You Vote For This Election?

Something addition which you and me, might want to take note of.......

Check it out
Election OR Erection? by Elaine

All right, I know you are bored of politics, let me share with you what i found on the net about the upcoming Olympic Games which is hosted by our ancestor's home ground... China Z:)

Syoik la you girl, must be super VIP savers installed for you !!!

That's very direct, how about spitting le, i thot China people used to it :)

OMG, that's cute right.... nice name to reflect the 3rd largest planet to serve our waste :)

I would be the amazed how many of gays are enjoying this :)

Very sad to see this :(

Phua Chu Kang lookalike only can Go In, Dun Play Play Ar

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