Sunday, January 18, 2009

i just love the themes offered by Gmail

I have to admit that i love gMail a lot.....

for instance... Easy searching, creating rules to sort out your mails, convenient, and it offer a whole chunk of Gigs for me to fill up my funky junky emails from friends that i wanted to keep. * furthermore the storage size kept increasing without losing it's confidence.

Have you ever wanted to run away from the default theme of gmail....

Steps to make ur mood sway away from down to up with this cool feature

No doubt, gMail stilll works like charm without the theme.

Besides that, it will follow you wherever you go even through mobile ....

Freebies for Google Mobile Fans

Thanks Mr. Ms. gMail programmers- Keep it coming - n i'm sure you guys will be creating more freebies for us when you are enjoying your life back at office compared to mine :(

Still makes me admire the place you working for this brand new year ! huh! What a start !

Versus Mine @!@#$!@