Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to the world Jahnsen! xoxoxo

A new chapter of life :)

I think is better to start back some trace of life after reading back some old post which I unintentionally stop awhile since the last Oversea Family Trip :) It would also be a good to review what happen when i aged when kids get older and hopefully this can remind me of what happen in the pasts.

He has arrived for the 9th day and glad that Jahnsen and Mummy is in good condition after going thru a tough push thru and successful delivery!

I have say TQ to my lovely wife and family members for the full support upon hearing the good news :)

Why am I posting this blog during working hour? :) i joined my wife on a round of maternity leave and got my paternity leave extended with additional Annual Leave to accompany the lil Jahnsen while he enjoys the sunlight and ray indoor :)

The feeling were super excited and glad till today.

He's a lil pict of him and will be more to come.