Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What happen on Chritsmas Day!

Sorry to confuse you guys with the title ... but actually just wanted to wish everyone of YOU out there!

Merry Christmas Everyone ~

Christmas celebration this year was as usual, actually we had the same schedule in place every year .... back to hometown... woke up in the early morning, head on to st. peter's church @ kg. tawas and attend the morning Mandarin service.

It was indeed a good place to be when you can chant to the Lord at this special day - right after the services and blessings we head on for feasts at ipoh garden with the family.

Later that day, we head on to pay a visit to our grandpa @My place .... and it's time for some candid shots....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Singapore Day 1 (11th Dec 2008) : Raining

We started our journey at 0800 and reach KL Sentral at 0900 by cab. From there on we took the Sky Bus (RM9) to LCCT on the forever traffic free KL - Putrajaya Highway. How i wish every road runs the same...

Journey to LCCT passes by the place where i started my journey from.... aiks... i wonder next time i rather hoop on to the bus from the highway....

Flight was delayed for half an hour .... guess what flight am i talking about? I am sure you know but they did not promise what they published ....
Performance Statistics .... it just happens that my day was not as per expected .... i presume .. haiyor ...

Thou.... there was a delay
No doubt, we are still the cheerful group as we are :)
Well let's intro a bit, here's my aunt, my mum and sista .....

Finally we are up on the plane.... getting ready to take off..

Up up and away ! We are reaching destination...
Here we are at Terminal 1, We are at SinGAPUUURAAAA !!!

Our first Christmas deco shot :) i wonder do we have such deco at KLIA too

Right after this, we went through the check out luggage and i went to the green lane since i got nothing to declare also...... and guess what i was being stopped to spot check ... oh gosh .... do i look like a terrorist to you. :(

Anyway, i got through without any scratches but some scratches from the immigrations officers head... and finally we were welcomed by our hosts.... which is my 11th aunty's family.....

back home scene to be continue in this few days....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Think twice on both the facts

Tax Payers in Malaysia

Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income =
RM3560, income tax payable = RM77.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income =
RM3680, income tax payable = RM109.

Conclusion : If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more
income tax to the government,which will make the government richer. Finance Minister
Najib said this measure is meant to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example
wee see that the money does not go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into
the government's pocket through the greater amount of income tax that we will have to
pay. Obviously this measure does not help the market at all. Do we still want this kind of
government that doesn't have the best interest of the people in mind?

The World is not a safe place to be .....


Someone shared the following cases :

(1) Today I passed by a building which has an ATM machine. There was an old
man looking at me. Suddenly, he called me. He said he didn't know how to read, so he gave me his ATM card and asked me to help him withdraw money from the ATM machine. I answerd 'NO!! If you need help, ask the security to help you.' Then he said 'nevermind..' and continued to find other people to help him...
REMEMBER : ATM machines have CCTVs. If you help him he will later claim
that you have robbed him or stolen his ATM card. Besides, his ATM card
could be a stolen one. So please be careful of these tactics.

(2) Suddenly your house lights go off. From your window you find that your
neighbours still have lights. So you go out of your house to check the Meter Box. But once you open the door, a knife will be pointing at you and preventing you from closing it. This is when you will be robbed and injured robbed and injured.
REMEMBER : Even though your electricity suddenly goes off, DO NOT open
your door immediately. Look around to see if there is anything unusual or if there is any noise around.

(3) This is another incident. You may have heard it before, it is about a lady who she saw a kid crying by the roadside. When she spoke to the kid, the kid told her he was lost and wanted her to take him home. The kid even gave her a paper with his house address. So she took him home. But when she rang the door bell, she had an electric shock. Later when she woke up, she was naked in an empty room.
REMEMBER : Being such a compassionate and helpful person might not be a good thing these days. Pass this on and girls, please be careful.. DON'T BE TOO KIND!!

(4) One day, there was an old lady outside my house holding 2 packets of sweets. At first I thought she was our neighbour and wanted to give us these packs of sweets as a gift. But then when she spoke, I can realised that she is was foreigner. I could not understand what she was
talkingabout. I guessed she must be asking for money.I sensed there was something wrong and immediately closed the door and ignored her. Later, I found she and an accomplice robbed someone else down the road.

(5) I was at the ATM machine to withdraw some money. Behind me, there was an old lady. She asked me whether I was able to withdraw my money because she said she had problem with her machine. Suddenly a small girl came up beside me. The small girl was squeezing infront of me. I thought she was just naughty and playful. But then, the small girl put her hand at the tray
of the ATM machine where the money comes out, ready to take away my money. I sensed something wrong and immediately pushed her away. Later I realised that the small girl and the old lady worked together. She was trying to steal my money while the old lady was trying to distract my attention by asking me questions!!
REMEMBER: BE VERY CAREFUL when you are at an ATM machine and be alert.
Look out for anyone suspicious around you!

(6) My parents are retired and stay at home most days. One afternoon, a young stranger went to their house and said his motorcycle had no more petrol and the petrol station was too far for him to push his bike there. So he asked my parents for an empty coke bottle to buy some petrol. He said he will pay RM2 for the bottle. So my mum took one coke bottle for him. He really took out the money from his pocket, but it was a RM 100 note. He told my mum he had no small change and asked my mum to give him the change. Luckily my mum was smart. She just told him to take it for free.
REMEMBER : obviously that note is fake!! Who would want to pay for RM2 for
an empty coke bottle!! It's very OBVIOUS that that stranger is a trickster.

(7) this happened in Bali . A newly married couple were having their honeymoon at the hotel. When both are in the changing room, the wife suddenly went missing. The husband was very anxious and went around to find her. He asked the hotel staff to help him find her. Then he thought his wife was just playing hide and seek. So he went back and waited for his wife. After a few hours, he decided to call the police. 3 weeks passed and there was still no news about his missing wife. So he went back and was very dissapointed and sad. A few years later, he came back to Bali , to watch a 'FREAK SHOW' in an old house. He saw a dirty and rusty metal cage.
Inside there was a lady without limbs. Her body including the face was full of scars. When he had a closer look at her face, he was shocked to find that it was her missing wife put there as a means for begging.

(8) This happened in Shanghai. A few years ago, a lady reported to the police that her cousin sister was missing in the shopping complex. But after 5 years, one of her friends found her cousin sister begging at the road side one of the streets in Bangkok, Thailand . The worst thing is that
her cousin sister has no more limbs and her body was tied to a lamp post with a shackle (metal chain).

(9) Let's just shorten this story. DO NOT open your house door when you hear the sound of a BABY CRYING!! It might be a trap! Women in the house must be alert to this trick. The police said it is the work of a robber or murderer using the recording of a baby crying to attract your attention.
This normally happens at night and when you are alone in the house.

(10) I read an email that was sent by my friend. Her friend, known as A, went to Luo Hu Commercial City with 2 friends, B and C. Luo Hu Commercial
City is the Shenzhen counterfeit goods distribution center. There are many people there. It's also near to the ShenZhen train station and Hong Kong's
Luo Hu Port.. C went to the toilet at the shpping centre while A and B waited outside. After waiting for a long, time they felt uneasy and went into the toilet to look for her. When they went in, there was nobody inside. Both were scared and they called C's phone. There was no reply. So they reported to the police. The police asked them whether they had seen anyboby suspicious going into the toilet. Both said there were none and its impossible to bring a life person out of the
toilet without them noticing!. Then A remembered seeing a cleaner pushing a trolley in, and then coming out. The police told them that was not the 1st time such a thing happened. The police suspected a gang of criminals who were always attacking women in the the toilet of shopping complexes. They use cleaners to kidnap people to harvest their organs for sale.
REMEMBER : please be careful when using the toilet. Donot go to the wash
room or toilet ALONE!! Please at least have a partner with you.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Petrol suckers out there : Do take note

i know i may have republish this article that you may seen on fliers, banners but i think it would still be a good note to take down to prevent your precious one from being one of the victim.

This article came all the way from Shell : with th famous tagline : "Shell is Safety"


As a continuation of the video about static electricity in which a girl had a fire accident on getting out of her car and directly touching the nosepiece, we come across a similar case:

With the generalisation of self-service facilities in petrol stations people should be warned about the outbreak of fires resulting from static electricity while they are pouring in petrol.

150 cases of this type of fire have been investigated and the results were very surprising.

1- Of the 150 cases, more happened to women than men, due to their habit of getting in and out of the vehicle while the petrol is being poured in.

2- In the majority of cases the people had re-entered their cars when the hose was still pouring petrol out (the danger of the triggers on the nosepieces). When they finished refuelling and got out to remove the hose pistol the fire began, as a result of the static electricity.

3- The majority of those affected used rubber-soled footwear and clothes of synthetic fibres.

4- Never use mobile phones when filling up with fuel.

5- It is well known that it is the vapour that comes from the petrol that burns and causes the fire when it makes contact with static charges.

6- In twenty-nine of the cases analysed, the people re-entered their vehicles and later touched the pistols during the petrol fuelling process. This happened in cars of different varieties of makes and models.

7- Seventeen fires occurred before, during or immediately after the cap of the petrol tank was removed and before starting to fill up with petrol.

8- The static charge often results from when a passenger rubs their clothes against the upholstery of the seats on getting in or out of the vehicle. To avoid this, it is recommendable that NOBODY gets in or out of the vehicle while the petrol is being poured in. Movement in or out should only be done BEFORE starting, or when the fuelling is finished and the petrol cap placed.

9- MAXIMISE THE PRECAUTIONS if the petrol has spilt or splashed onto the ground. Highly inflammable vapours are immediately produced which can be ignited by sparks of static electricity from the turning on of electronic equipment (mobile phones, remote controls, etc.) or by the ignition of the vehicle itself. BEFORE starting up the engine again, the spilt petrol must be gathered or neutralised by the petrol station staff.


IN YOUR VEHICLE: Stop, put the handbrake on and turn off the engine, radio and lights

NEVER: Never return to your vehicle while you are pouring in fuel.

AS A PRECAUTION: Get used to closing the car door on getting out or into the vehicle and in this way the static electricity will be discharged on touching something metallic.
After closing the door TOUCH THE METAL PART OF THE BODYWORK before touching the petrol pump pistol. By doing this the static electricity in your body will be discharged on the metal and not on the pistol.

  • Do a pole dance in front of your car to release the electrons from your body
  • Do not let your bum flat and fat... jst stand my fren.... while waiting for the pump to pump in your hard earn money.
  • Don't try to be smart elek and talk to your beloved one, when ur beloved one Do not want you to be charged up like charcoal.... or even see in different pieces.
  • Do not put on DISCO light or blast your super amplified speakers lo .... i'm sure you will light up much faster and much hotter if you are flame up - :)