Saturday, May 16, 2009

Babies created from your very own palm

I was amazed and astonished by this wonderful artist with her very detailed artwork. Wish i have at least 1% of her skills. :)

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cheers to Edmund and Jenna

It's been a hectic week with a packed schedule during the Labour day mood, and it was indeed a superb weekend that i spend my time back at ipoh to meet up with relatives and family since our last meeting was during Chinese New Year, as of now we gathered together gether in conjunction of my cousin's sista's wedding.... all the way back from Singapore :)

The perfect event kicked off from the house next door till the dinner place @ Tower Regency Hotel - * which i think is pretty new and 'in' place for people to hold some cool events. The Hospitality there is still another thing to brush up with... i shall not further comment it till the next posts. :)

Anyway........... Cheers to Jenna and Edmund !
Looking forward for the next event ya : Full moon this time :)

Well, as usual, i was terrorized by relatives with a Question Mark ?????? that was highlighted all the time whenever I attended such event, and I'm sure everyone you out there encounter this during such events :)

Guess what's the question about? haha

When's your turn?
Wei, your mummy is waiting le?
Wei, your mum is drooling?
Are you anxiously looking forward for one?

My answer to the question is pretty straight forward
Look at their eyes and say , hmmm good idea, soon :) then i think again ... oops is time now :p

Anyway, yup soon it's going to be my turn and it was indeed a good thing to be settled down.

Well, not to drag any longer, i shall shower you guys with some perfect pictures caught from the event.


that's my mum with aivie

Wow , yummy !

:) speechless , nice posing

As usual, this would be the yumcha session served by the groom and the bride.

That's my cousin brathers
and so coindentally this wedding falls on a day when my dear aivie and donny's birthday !
The birhday kids ! :) 02-05-2009
Even baby johann enjoyed the crowd and start their baby talk :p

And when all yumcha session is over, it's time for dinner @ Tower Regency Hotel
They do offer service apartments too @ an affordable rates.

with my cute lil newphe Johann
that's Johann again :)
yes , is him again , jst like his brother Victor :)

my cute lil niece : Kristine and Heather :)

Ain't he cute, he's a wannabe CEO now, u do ur job, else i sacked ya

this is what he see when the stock market goes down
if you are doing good job, here you go with a cheeky smile on his face :)

the lovely couple cousin vivien and wai


photo session with leng chai and leng lui

Laughters and perfect moments that every family members are looking for.
Happy and Harmony ...

Last but not least, the final toasts to All whom made this event a success.