Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maybank2u User Be Careful

Users of Maybank2u becareful of the recent activity of this buggers which is trying to hunt for your user credentials.

I received similar fraud today and i hope no one get caught as such. Maybank does not sent such crazy emails out for you to reactivate your account nor ask you to reset password on email as well as website as that will point you to a link or you called it URL or hyperlink.

The only approach from the bank is that they will request you to head to the bank to reactivate it.

Anyway, here's the sample email to all.

Title : Maybank : Urgent - Transaction Problem‏ and Maybank : Urgent -- Final Warning‏

Dear Valued Customer,

We discovered a serious security problem in your account as several unauthorized transactions were attempted. We deactivated and also restricted access to your account for security and safety reasons. Your urgent attention is required to reactivate your account. Please be informed that your account will be terminated if not activated now.



Maybank Group
" may be just one of the URL that you want to prevent

and there may be more...... so whenever you wan to click on a link, please remember to move your mouse cursor over the Hyperlink which then you would then give yourself a clearer picture at the far left hand bar .... you will see where does the page points too. ... jadi pls dun blindly click on it .....

All the best, and I really hope no one got caught when they see similiar emails flooding your mailbox.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is it really worth it?

As some of you may know i'm being relocated to an ulu place where i will face no jam in the morning nor night.... but what comes along is the OT time i stayed back.

Working in a total different culture and environment supporting a very "superb" financial institution is really good challenge to me and bringing my day shorter and more miserable.

well, i understand some of you may say.... this is life and you have to work for it... ... but my place now is like total disaster recovery / total restructure is required where all are jumble up and need to align all the puzzles which are laying at the floor. picking up shits, processes and ppl which would like to see you trip.

2 further add on to it, what's worst is that 2 different mgmt are trying to run the show, and i hope they can align what are their deliverable that they have committed to the clients that they sign off with the customer. both the mgmt not only to feedback/screwed/nag but be frankly you have to sit at the war zone and feel it. So far, 6 came in, 2 KO due to different reasons.

Luckily im grewing sideways, else ppl would may say.... hmmm james, what happen to you ... more pimples and older day by day..... :(

Fine, i think i felt much happier now after my grumblings ... im not signing off the day yet, as am still driving another case to satisfy our customers :p