Friday, February 19, 2010

Happi Chinese New Year !

Have you ever thought when would be the best time of the year......
The best time to gain weight, win ang pau, win your frenz hard earned money , win in gambling and visiting all the long lost frenz on this occasion :)

I just wish life is just as cun as that like every other days :)

Each year especially during festive season is the best time when we gather, sit, gossip, receive surprises and tonnes of stories. I just wish i have a largest laptop with me to document all the stories and capture all the moments and review it once again when i retire.

My celebrations ..........

Meeting up long lost cousins, nephew and niece

Fellow cousinsand meeting old buddies

i-City , Shah Alam

Map to Location
Want2 read more about i-City?? RM40 mil invested