Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a dream that i could hardly understand

i had a dream that i never could have imagine !

.......i have been drag from the bed

..... being sat on top by an "object"

..... struggled to get up and yet could hardly move......

....looking clearly at the face of the unknown makes me confused...
and i could hardly describe......

....... facial expression was monotone ..... and never turn back......

... did try to google up the unknown... and return was no responce


....wonder what's wrong with me....

and my response was I DON'T EVEN KNOW.....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blogspot is simply happening !

yicks , i know it's been ages since the last update and dunno why i still could not sleep at this point of time at 0330... therefore i just try to type in a few lines to make me doze off on my keyboard. :)

could it be the sleeping time have already past or could it be something else which i had in mind which could not clear out ....

anyhow, back to the post... i was surprised that blogspot finally have their very splendid template preinstalled for users like me that does not know how css , web design works... and with the amount of tools that they have come out, it makes my blog page looks slightly better compared to the previous lame 2 tone page :)

anyhow.... snorinnngg ....zZZzzzzz

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tips and tricks to enable your browsing speed on DiGi mobile - EDGE or 3G

it's nice to upload once again similar article which i came across recently as i keep losing all this information since i accidentally formatted the phone back to factory setting :(

therefore i am sure this would be a good place for me to keep it as a reference and i'm glad to share :)

Digi Need To Enable APN (digistrm) For YouTube Streaming

This section is particular to DiGi’s BIS subscriber, for some reason (most probably for bandwidth control), DiGi need us to configure the APN to digistrm before us being to view YouTube video streaming. To do this, follow the steps below :

Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP

(TICKED) APN Settings Enabled
APN: digistrm
(TICKED) APN Authentication Enabled
Username for APN:
Password for APN

*Both Username and Password for APN Authentication are left blank*

Tips#2 Speedier Browsing

Browser settings

Menu -> Browser -> Menu -> Options :

[1] Browser Configuration

Browser: Internet Browser

(TICKED) Support JavaScript
(TICKED) Allow JavaScript popups
(TICKED) Terminate slow running scripts
(TICKED) Show Images
(TICKED) Use Background Images
(TICKED) Support Embedded Media

Browser Identification: BlackBerry

Start Page: Home Page

Default Search Provider: Google

Home Page Address: http://mobile.blackberry.com/

[2] General Properties

Default Browser: Internet Browser

(Type of Fonts here doesn’t really affect the settings)

(NOT TICKED) Full Screen View
(TICKED) Enable JavaScript Location support

Prompt Before:
(NOT TICKED) Closing Browser on Escape
(Ticked) Closing Modified Pages
(NOT TICKED) Switching to WAP for streaming media
(NOT TICKED) Running WML Scripts

If the YouTube streaming still does not work after the reconfiguration above, please try restarting it (ATL + RIGHT SHIFT + DEL).

Tips#3 Formatting your Blackberry

Erasing the data with the Wipe Handheld option

Go to Options.

Then go to Security.

Then go to General Security.

Click the trackball and choose Wipe Handheld.

Then choose Continue.

Then type blackberry and all of the data should be erased.

Erasing the data and applications

First connect to Desktop Manager on your comptuer.

Double click the Application Loader icon.

Click Next to go through the Wizard.

When asked for your password type in an incorrect password and click Next. You will need to do this ten times.

Then choose Close. The device will become unresponsive in a 507 error without any software.

To re-install software open the Application Loader and choose the software or applications you would like to install.

Clearing device databases

Connect to Desktop Manager on your computer.

Double click on the Backup and Restore icon, then choose Advanced.

Select all of the databases while holding down the Shift key, and then choose Clear.

Then choose OK and all databases will be erased.

Then choose Close.

Displays your signal strength in decibels, instead of bars.

Hold "Alt" and press "N", "M", "L", "L" (repeat to reverse the effect).

Address Book file verificatio n.

Checks the data in your Address Book for inconsisten cies.

In the Address Book, hold "Alt" and press "V", "A", "L", "D".

Address Book data structure rebuild.

Forces a data structure re-build in the Address Book...

In the Address Book, hold "Alt" and press "R", "B", "L", "D".

View source code.

Displays the source code of a Web page.

In the Browser, hold "Alt" and press "R", "B", "V", "S".

Help Me! menu.

Provides crucial technical information about your device, for when seeking technical support or help in forums...

Hold "Alt" and (left) "shift", then press "H".

IMEI display.

Displays your device's internation al mobile equipment identity (IMEI - your serial number) on-screen.. . Also works from all other GSM handsets.

Type "*", "#", "0", "6", "#" on the Home screen.

"Soft" reset.

Performs a "soft" reset of your device; the equivalent of doing a "battery pull" (ie. Removing the battery for a few seconds).

Press-and-ho ld "Alt", then press-and-h old (left) "shift", then press-and-h old "Del".

Event Log.

Displays event logs of all the system-leve l events that occur on your device...

Hold "Alt" and press "L", "G", "L", "G".

In some cases, you will need to be on the Home screen when you enter these codes...

Key shortcuts:

A or C = phonebook

S = search

F = phone profiles

W or B = browser

H = help

K = locks the keys

L = calendar

V = messages

M = messages folder

R = alarm

T = tasks

U = calculator

I = application s

O = options

P = phone

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happi Chinese New Year !

Have you ever thought when would be the best time of the year......
The best time to gain weight, win ang pau, win your frenz hard earned money , win in gambling and visiting all the long lost frenz on this occasion :)

I just wish life is just as cun as that like every other days :)

Each year especially during festive season is the best time when we gather, sit, gossip, receive surprises and tonnes of stories. I just wish i have a largest laptop with me to document all the stories and capture all the moments and review it once again when i retire.

My celebrations ..........

Meeting up long lost cousins, nephew and niece

Fellow cousinsand meeting old buddies

i-City , Shah Alam

Map to Location
Want2 read more about i-City?? RM40 mil invested
URL : http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=304309

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dancing with the 'wok'

It's just another sunday where we spend our time , figuring out what we need to tryout in being a master in food engineering :)

Here are the creations :)

" Chinese Sausage Fried Rice "

" Yummy Yummy Lamb Steak and Cheese Sausages "

" Keyboard Omelet , Red bean , Pork Rice "

" Thousand Years Old Egg Porridge "

" Chicky Chop "

Isn't that too much ... haha..

Cooking was indeed fun, tiring, interesting, creative, patient and just everything that you may think of, just like life......