Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Spooky enough to pump more blood to my brain...

There is still something that i had in mind when this took place yesterday after i fetch aivie back home around 2200. Along the way, this spooky thing took place. It was just like a normal night when i drift home, just that the difference is a cooling night after a stormy night.

How would you feel when you are driving alone along a dark road, around a corner, suddenly the door opens itself at the driver seat? The next thing that triggers me , was to quickly swing my hand to the handle of the door and slam it tightly and immediately slam on the door locks.

Gosh, blood were pumping in my head and i still feel 'something' is rushing into my car. Keep peeping at the rear mirror and back mirror but there are not even a shadow for me to see. " which makes me more freak out.....

Besides that, i force myself to think, could it be the pressure in my car which trigger the door to open ? or could it be i did not close the door properly when i step into the car? Then i recall, i heard it was like 'someone' opens the door. Gosh .... that makes me more freak out when i knew in the next few days, it will be the Hungry Ghost festival
whereby this celebration will be celebrated by chinese community to worship to those unsettled spirits which is roaming around .... for food and 'substitutes !!!! but im not your food nor subs..

gosh .....till then, don't be freak out if you encounter the same scneario like me, just try to be macho and steady and drive your car..... dun be so kiapo like me and dun even think of looking back at the mirror when something may just pops in later. Just try to have a peace of mind and drive home to a safe ground.

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