Thursday, July 24, 2008

what a life ! Jusco Member Sale Fever

what a jam i encounter this morning

have you ever imagine, what sort of jam you would stuck in the very early hours.... or a journey which you use to take 30 minutes to work while it was extended to an hour and a half ?? back 2 back , or i shall call it buntut 2 buntut.. damn gay right..

how bad that was :(

Overall, felt so de uncomfortable when my mind kept thinking and making assumptions as i am still on the road as if what the hell again to those police road block.... are they going to block the 3 lanes and leave another one flowing without checking while you enjoying your chitchat chit chat under the your picnic table? ..... that's how i would describe their effort in counter or slowing down the traffic / illegal gathering... hmmm....

Besides that, i made up another assumption that there was a major accident which is just around the corner .... all my assumption was wrong when i turn in the mid valley corner.... it was the damn packed Jusco Member's Day Sale Queue >.. at 9 am the car park is already showing sign of FULL.... can you imagine that... HUH....!!! @#$^#@

No doubt, i did not want to miss out that chance too once i got off my work, i head there to join in the crazy crowds... indeed the sales was pretty attractive, and damn cool, i jst slot my card as if there are no one stopping :(

shall not be looking forward to my month end billing :(

Chill yourself a bit tonight.... 


ben said...

i agree with you james. Pretty screwed up case for the police force.

june said...

james are you insulting me that day, i was sneezing while shopping :p

jAmEs said...

june: oops, did i :p , could be Ben's that make you sneeze :)

Ben: we better know what are the gals up to and subscribe to mega sales alert nxt time