Wednesday, July 02, 2008

RM625 richer ??

Hi folks,

Have you claimed yours?

I did , here you go if you have yet to carry out yours, print it out and submit it :)

Voila ... RM625 richer

Document to RM625 richer

Anyway, hopefully, they have better rebates next time on all our transportation mode.... and subsidies on most of the item that i use .... greedy oh me

Nice articles which you might be interested on how to use your RM625 :)


ahlost said...

I don't have any to claim for the moment T___T

georgie said...

no doubt, you may get one soon. Thanks for the form, i queu damn long for that money

jAmEs said...

you bet, i done it in less than 5 minutes ... muahaha... ah lost; looks o lost only,you can also get 170 out of it if you have a bike ;p