Thursday, June 21, 2007

Got in a space where decision making is required

What would you feel if on the same day itself you got to make a decision that you may risk your future or even determine your future?

It is similarity with what everyone around the world are facing it now?

I was being offered a new job in the firm that i am working but on condition i will have a higher job scope while i can't turn back to the job with the same team? The advantages of being in the current post were kind of relaxing at times while the new will differs.

As for the new post offer, would be much higher than what i am earning now.... i gotta admit that i do appreciate my supervisor to recommend me to be in another job but is it really a good move , or is it actually a threat which he felt threaten by me or my presence in the team which resulted in this?

I will be taking an exam soon with a bunch of people by the end of the week, and as far as i know they do have competition within me. Nevertheless, my supervisor did mentioned that this test is just a normal review session which would not be counted in mind for me... wow.... " in my mind : are you sure? or are you trying to push your luck? "

Anyway, for this... i am still indecisive as yet... but most likely will be finalizing it by the following week.

Damn it, next were another business opportunity which were offered to me from a x classmate of mine.

This business were more towards the Direct selling but one thing which is special were i don't need to sell, i don't need to push sales but to locate for people or partners which is a.k.a. known as franchise by the group. I got stuck on that right after my work @ 1800 till 2300, and i got to admit it was indeed a good challenge of life to venture in this but you really have to risk.

Yup, the consultant did mentioned that indeed it is a risk no matter what you are in to, but as long as the marvelous 5 does their role, you are here to fly off the kite. Anyway, again... indecisive as yet.....

I know this ain't good ... indecisive doesn't bring any man anywhere.... therefore again, it's going to be finalized by end of the week.

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