Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can you imagine what my tenant wrote?

Recently i placed out some notices around my area for the apartment which i am renting out, and i am glad, i got plenty of response from all around with all sort of races. Not only races, but from all type of people.... fussy , pathetic, crazy and demanding.

Finally, one of my tenant settles down but yet to move in to the unit and were triggered a notice.

You know what i got from the new tenant which is in one of the units? I was kind of amazed with the term and condition that he gave...... instead of me!!

From: "new tenant" <****_***@hotmail.com>
To: jms_sitez@hotmail.com
CC: ****_***@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: Maybank2u.com 3rd Party Transfer
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 10:08:30 +0800
>Dear james,
>I will move in my personal belongs on this Friday.
>Please leave the key with Kai Jun or anyone in your house during
>that time. Cuz I WILL (confirmed) be coming after 6pm on Friday.
>Only will stay there on 1st July.
>Last Request:
>1) Please DO NOT disturb me to study.
>Explaination: I am still studying in APIIT and also under corporate trainings. Averagely each week, I will have at least one exam either from APIIT or Corporate Training courses.
>Therefore, if possible I hope there will be no NOISE whatsoever that
>can go into my room from the living hall. I saw a few guitars and
>computer speakers in living hall which had worried me a little bit.
>From Monday - Friday:
>In the morning, I will study in school. Will only come back after
>6pm. After 12am at midnight, I wish there should be no NOISE as
>common sense everybody needs to sleep for the other morning's works.
>From Saturday-Sunday:
>I will be at home studying. Seldom go out.
" jMs quotes : Wow... are you joking with me ... or are you trying to stay in library... do u think you can restrict or even disciplined your housemates like you are the man... do u really have life? "

>2) Please treat me nice and politely during my tenancy.
"jMs quotes : Do you think your housemate are bouncers?"

>3) I am happy to share the internet connection together. I will pay
>you RM88/4= RM22 on 1st July.
"jMs quotes : Abuden, are you sure? What if we use too much of bandwidth? You want to placed a meter there.... to calculate it by the bits."
>PS. My IC is in the attachment.
>Thank you.
>Warmest Regards,

What's you say? Isn't this weirdo? But one thing for sure was he's a good boy after all.....


:: Nicole :: said...

so your house is a library now?? heheheh..

Kenix said...

you so mean to your tenant one. I think he want to clarify things out. Maybe he is phobia in previous tenant.

sue lin said...

He's crazy! Asking 4 too much!