Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday blues

Went to work and started with some reviewing session on what am i going to today since today it's a beautiful Monday. ... while thinking the bright side of what i have leftover on a decision making which i need to finalized today.

.... in the end... i did show to my boss a lil effort today ... spoke to this kuai lou on a deal whereby the conclusion could not be fulfilled.... but will be continued by tomorrow.... therefore i guess the whole week would be real hectic for me.

...back home... charged up to my computer to run the backup on my machine.... from my external harddisk. The reason was, my hDD went wild again... same same issue. Guess, it's going to be another day in low yat once i have completely back my stuff up on those DVDs.....

Wish me luck on the upcoming future HDD.. hopefully it does not gives me bad sector after all... i admit i hate it when my data need to be revived with apretty cool application namely GetDataBack for NTFS (crack one of course) :)

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