Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shocking visit

Today, i spend this beautiful Sunday with Aivie @ home b4 we head on to the park for some keep fit session.. coz both of us does have some cool belly bottoms to challenge each other.... we had a few meters of jogging session.... :) and head home to be ready for a visit

By dawn,we went to my yee por house @ bangsar to pay a visit coz she just had her laser tuning on her right eye .... so called PDT (Photo dynamic Therapy) which cost her around 6.5 grand ... On our journey, we got along the her recent happenings with his ah bob boi and then I got myself shocked when she told me about the recent development of bangsar.... wow .... not just that.... i gotta admit she is quite 'in' for her age.... "hell yeah"

... to my embarrassing moments... i am totally shocked... she told me me about Starbucks and cosy restaurants which I have not even been there or even hear before.... boo to me!

... yup i have to admit i am kind of out-dated even my 74 years old grand aunt is much more informative than i am ... malu me...

Not end yet.... she even brought us to a mamak after the chat till 1130 .... oh my.. wat a cool grandmum.... oh my oh my....

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