Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nikefootball : Jangan togel

I came across this ads and was a bit shocked or maybe was a bit paiseh to know that my Bahasa Melayu classes in primary and secondary dah missing from my mind... i knw i dah tak kenal dgn ni.... I personally would like to know 'apa tu jangan togel ' which i finds in the website which is recently being hosted by nike.....

Oh yeah, btw how would you pronounce this brand 'nike' ....want to know why i ask this, coz it's alwiz a joke when i bring this brand up to my friends .... they would just laugh all the way on how i pronounce it.... anyway, i did some googling... wiki says, it's pronounced as 'nye-kee'

... i would say .... it's 'naik kee' while some of them says it's 'naike'.... how about u?

Anyway, here's the link for the page which i meant.... about togelling...

Enjoy your togelling already?

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