Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girls, you like shopping right...

Attention !!!


Shop-a-holics out there..... There is a new place for you to waste your time, hang around, snap nice pictures, and even baby sitting yourself at those high lifted/constructed restaurants..... likes Starbucks,Hong Kong Kafe Tiam too... and not forgetting shopping at those bazaar.

let's go shopping....
@ Ngaw Chey Sui @Ara Damansara

Donno the way, no problem..... follow the treasure map....

Oh yeah nearly forgotten today is a special day, allow me to wish everyone out there , Happy Valentine's Day ..... no matter you are alone, single and available,not available, let's cherish this moments with your loves one..... :)

Don't feel lonely coz i am sure this will cheer ya up.... Sing along my "ji muis" out there....chilled up! Feeling so gay now :)

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