Monday, August 20, 2007

Spring Valley Feast

Just came back from Spring Valley Feast and wasn't feeling that sleepy thou.. coz have overdozed myself off with Johnny Walker n red wine... the feast is a 8 course meal which consists of sharkie fin, scallop , moon cake, fish fish and more..... till my tummy xplodessss!!

The event was in conjunction of nothing but just a get together session for my so called up-coming reporting manager from singapore which he came down for a meeting with us. We had 2 tables up and all filled their tummies well when we walk out....

Yicks... feeling a bit like drunken master ... n wannabe wong fei hung , while i took my ride home.... luckily i wasn't driving this time, as i pimp my ride with a new buddy i met in the get-together session.... reach home safely without any scratches.... :)

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