Monday, May 21, 2007

What a start for the week

Been in by 0800 thou my work starts @ 0900...... how hardworking am i right.... damn ... very lcly right....

Anyway, something came to my attention that i am too fruss to waste time to work n being thrown in some reports which i am not suppose t work on... damn it...

Things that I did today on the reports was kind off messy as I am just back from the US shift... n need to pick up again what is leftover.... which makes me felt kind of headache

Clearing the queue
Finalizing the TCE report and Marks for the payout for my team
Reviewing the ePoll reports which was done by QC
Reviewing tickets by tickets... oh my......

No more time to check my personal emails and posting ... darnn.... but i am glad i am still mantaining a webby with some of my work mates @ Want2knw


Till then, gotta catch up some work now..

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