Thursday, May 08, 2008

early wake up call .... plumbing service anyone!!!

Today I aren’t bored…..

… but I am awaken at 9am for plumbing service… damn it…. Coz my housemate called him*(Ah Wai) upon a disaster in the toilet …. A pool of water full of dirt and hair… oh yucks… what else I could have for this wonderful morning…. To really wake me up at this time…. And serve me as my breakfast….

I wish is this

but i was serve with this

…... But overall am still a happy fella as I did not pay the plumber for few hundred ringgit to fix a blockage at the sewer pipes line which I did it in less than 15 minutes with a stick and few pails of water…. Besides that, am glad that I am able to save the land lady some bucks…. So I am the savior this time…. :) but otherwise am now no mood to eat liau…. :(

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bernice said...

what's your number james, i will definitely wake you up for this service .

a good one, fire in the hole !!