Saturday, June 07, 2008

message to deliver to India Folks (Apps)

Hmmmm ... it's been some time my post weren't coming , not that i am busy but i forgotten the items that i wanted to share :( whenever i want to.....

Something which i am lack in, is the time mgmt even though am using an organizer..... time really past that fast until i have even forgotten some of friends birthday which i did not wish.... items which i need to do since last month, hmmm.... maybe am addicted to snooze item too much... :) any suggestion on rectifying it :)

As for job, have been assigned to move to different project since the current project were shrunking instead of expanding as per due to budget ... therefore some secret are still kept between myself and the mgmt not to make any of the announcement until the end of the following month..... well, folks in India if you so happens to bump into this, especially from Apps which i use to work closely with, i have to agree that you guys have eventually did a good job in maintaining the apps with varies patches (MTP) and debugging but something is really wrong with the agreement.

I would advise you guys to start hunting for opportunities by now before the cut-off date....

signing off now -

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Karthikeyan said...

gosh, is it that bad?

People shall be given chances to choose !!