Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mobile Gadget Warehouse Sale @ Menara PGRM

Location: Menara PGRM
Date: 5 June - 8 June 2008
Time: 10am - 10pm

Well folks, if you came across this, you better save some petrol rather than heading to the location as you knw price of petrol increase lo [ *thanks to our government for looking after us and the side effects are - no more mat rempit chasing after us @ night, no more social life - no more night supper - no more expedition trips - no to tourist attractions @ every fortnights, no more window shopping ....etc.... what is this la :( ] , save some breath asking where is this place and look for parking at this strategic place....

Last but not least, luckily we do still have a warrior that will stand in the headlines for us - Malaysian - meet him - our beloved Ex-Prime Minister .... and his website .....

and his articles too .... "the voices of malaysians"
Some findings to add on, in case you are not AWARE of OIL PRODUCING countries are charging their folks, this is NOT fair to us thou

MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

oopss... guess i have lost track on what is my article about ... too gan cheong about the silly move and burden to us..... of the impact of Petrol Price :(

If you are still planning to head on to PGRM, or you are still desperately interested to buy phones especially from iMobile, CSL, and some other old models of phones, you better make your way there. Other than that, their memory card sales aren't that cheap thou, as i have made some comparison with the current Sunway Pyramid Fotokem Sale at the Centre Hall..... which is on going too... - so i assume by now, you should knw where i am coming from -

all right - that's all for me today

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