Thursday, September 18, 2008

Leader Blogs Too

Everyone forms a blog which include our ministers of malaysia.....

Do pay them a visit and learn something out of it :)

Isn't that cool ~

....... will it be 'cool' to share their thoughts with the public?
............. will it be a threat to national security if freedom to voice out on countries problem?
.... will other country leader be laughing away at us?
..... will it be a harm for investors to know what our current scenario, hiccups, and the bad side of the country?
......... will it be bad to point fingers at each another when someone say something wrong, or minor kindergarden kids would do....

.... it's just simply confusing, hatred, amusing and agonizing !

Anyway, here are the links to our leaders, we respect you no matter what you do, coz you are still the leaders of the country.

Dr Anwar Ibrahim (proactive member of "Harapan Untuk Malaysia")

Dato Najib Tun Razak (current Deputy Prime Minister)

Dr. Mahathir Mohamed (ex-Prime Minister)

Controversial post


ConcernLilMlysian said...

i like the way Dr M expresses. Kudos to him for making Malaysia such a nice country to live on.

Anonymous said...

bad thoughts casing havoc. only good thoughts should be carried fwd