Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TheStar flooded with loyal fans

Have you ever imagine how many loyal customer /fans of thestar.com.my... and malaysiakini.com.my

See this, now they are being hit by so many people until they have to shutdown the 'nice' colorful ads .... be frankly i hate those ads, with jumping in javascripts and nonsence flash video :p

therefore surfing for me now at the page is like surfing the mobile version of thestar , so plain and swift browsing .... simply lovin it...

Compared it yourself http://www.statsaholic.com/thestar.com.my+malaysiakini.com and you may see malaysiakini website i catching up on the number of users hit per day as their news are pretty updated and that's the fact that public needs to know.....

Keep it coming Malaysiakini owner!!! Increase the bandwidth and keep earning those ads that you have in place for the number of hits which i see it peaks at 10k today :)

Why ?? Why ?? How come?

All was per due to this incident : http://malaysiakini.com/news/89797


anti riot - Jack said...

will there be any riot like what the country face

jAmEs said...

:) u will never know but i hope t does not happen thou