Saturday, November 29, 2008

Team work is pretty important !!

Team work is pretty important
If your current Org. is not practicing this, better start it early .....

Indeed it helps in faster responce, simpler , and new values to attract and retain the best people of the crowd. Besides that, it reduces the operating costs by eliminating layers of middle level management and supervision.

Teams also does offer greater participations, challenges and feelings of accomplishment.

Anyway, it maybe way too bored to read further, i shall share with you a video which you might want to learn from and see what's their approach taken towards your directions and goals of your current stand.


Mary Olsen said...

It may be cruel at the start, but your made the point. I totally agree with you.

jAmEs said...

define cruel :)

back stabbing? pin pointing? haha

Anyhow, all just happens the way which we can't predict. So i think is the best to watch every step we move. :p be4 we step on the mines.