Sunday, November 02, 2008

a week away from work ... nice? huh

thou it's been a week away from work... again it's way too bored for me not to login through VPN to see what's up in the "incidentless world" ...:)

again i'm back in action tomolo ~ yicks .. wish me luck

So what i did throuhgout the week

... i felt so bored traveling around KL on public transport u would's so damn packed .. i was the sardine, some of them are the gravy and some were the big fat cheesecan you imagine... what sort of stench am i highlighting... i wonder when will they ever improve on their cummuter services since the last trip and comments made by our PM.

.... company sent us for training for 3 days and i declare another day off back to hometown...
.... training held at Parkroyal, KL along Jalan Bukit Bintang and we were serve with damn nice buffet lunch @ the LG.... damn fattening me..... i was so thrilled with all the steaks they offered.... i just could not resists, well or shall i say i wouldnt want to waste the effort of the chef too :) everything sapu to my belly!

luckily i did not slept off throughout the session, else the company will come after our back.... thanks to the cool, motivated trainer from Quinns.


Anonymous said...

park royal food good? i doubt, i have backache there

shirleytay said...

mana gi for a week off??

jAmEs said...

pergi training tapi masih perlu kerja kat malam :(

overall, still worth it la