Tuesday, February 03, 2009

G X F C - H P T L

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Hong Pau Tau Lai kappp ~

how was ur celebrations so far? i am sure u heard plenty of boom boom bang bangs when it reaches 12a.m. early hours when the rich people burns their crackers = $$$ while i am half dead sleeping .... for the first day @ work . As for chinese , they will call this day as "chor gau" or some of them even called it as "bai tien gong"which would be mainly celebrated by Hokkien community around the world. The early hours was Not only surrounded by fireworks displays but it came along with "who let the dogs out- barking here and there all the way" Oh gosh --

The dovotee basically offerred their Emperor of Heaven - Gods, sugarcanes (which was believed to be the savior of the day during the old days back) , tea and mass fireworks display -which i think is much better than the English New Year celebration :)

As for myself during the day b4 chinese new year , i was stunned by different kind of events
mine was fun, thrilled and worth tiring for :)

  • I miss my coach back hometown when i headed to puduraya .... which 3 BIG bags

  • .... end up drove home and was stuck in jam for 4 hours.
  • Oh gosh , my bum are aching .... and gonna heading being a wannabe like j-Lo's bum

To those which is still in celebration mode since you are on duty during the holidays - i wish ya Gong Hei Fatt Choi & Happy Chap Goh Meh.

Another note is that, dun miss your chance to throw a box of mandarin oranges filled your your facebook id, handphone number and your Bank Account number on all the oranges on the 15th of CNY by the river ya :)

You may get the one you may be hunting for- muahaha

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