Monday, August 11, 2008

Accident along Jalan Gembira

Sorry to confuse you but it wasn't me, my godness if you wish it was me .. huh

While i was on my way backfrom Bangsar, i saw an accident scene which involved some intestines which is still lying on the road with a whole bunch of cars grouping around a smashed windscreen of a greyed Waja ... ouch.... It happens along Jalan Gembira = happy - which is i think it wasn't that happy road for me :(

The victim,.... sorry la i think he/she was gone...... my condolences to whoever the family member are....

so i made some few assumptions that this Waja had eventually hit the victim at high speed either a motorcylists or a guy which is crossing the road to pasar malam and rolled our victim unintentionally by a car or 2 during the final destination moment :( damn damn damn... even when i drove pass the scene i felt like oh my bak ku teh .... oh gosh ....

It's still in a mind now.... i am sure it will be reported tomorrow unless the victim is still alive which i doubt or someone try to cover up some story at the backend as it was hit by a Datuk's son/daughter...............

.... anyway, for chinese belief, this month if possible try to stay at home more often, avoid wearing blackie all the time even though you think you looked cool .... well, you can look cool after the 14th day of Ghost Festival, as"they" or souls of unsettled are looking out for the others to replace them for a new life or company them to somewhere they belong. You can called them the widest roaming network you could ever thought off- who knows th3y are much better than Maxis's coverage :p

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vicky said...

thanks to you.

i cannot eat my dinner now

jAmEs said...

just swallow will do :p