Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Air Asia Flight Delay !!!

I got a call earlier telling me that, lots of Air Asia flights been missed since morning as per due to the current haze situation.... so sad lots of holidays and tours will be postponed as per due..... what can i say for those which is heading home to attend important events :(

Ouch, it's gonna be a pain in the @$$

Are they willing to compensate all the passengers likewise as what we seen in the past?

Tuesday, June 18, 2008

Air Asia GoInsure

How much are they willing to compensate or lose this time?
Will the stocks goes down the same as what they performed? hmmm......

Anyway, a reminder to all, please do not start your camp fire at your yard...
it could be due to your effort which causes more haze around us....

.... if you seen someone doing that, quickly call for your firebridage .... and fire your guns


ahlost said...

Only airasia's flight delay? How bout MAS?

ah cheong gor said...

james : there is a policy to enforce such demand by public in the past.

What delays are covered by AirAsia's On Time Guarantee?
Any delay caused by AirAsia but not delays which are due to circumstances beyond our control such as bad weather, air traffic control, airport closures, strikes or natural disasters.

See how they compensate la:

vicky said...

ah cheong gor gor you sure or not, i cannot get one, i should have consult you earlier :p

Anonymous said...

seems there are a whole range of issues regarding air asias delays and cancellations. its a shame, they could do so much better.