Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shape & Men's Health RUN'08

What would you do at 6a.m. on a beautiful Sunday cooling morning ....

i was attached to this... being special guests to Haagen Dazs : Nature Valley ... my fat engines have to kick start early to join this fit fit folks for a run.... well..... aheem... walk i meant... :p

Location : Lake Garden

the jokers on the move

soldiers why r u slowing down

i know i am "fit"

isn't this look like a long painful climb for us

2 jokers cannot tahan ...
taking a break ..snap snap a pict while on the way to finishing line

aivie's colleague : eliza,shirley,carmen and nicky
oops... i also want to snap a pict

aivie's big boss Raj

Overall, indeed it was a good outing .... with beautiful lakes, jogging path and nice cool natural air... a good place to recommend to everyone.

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