Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello Hello Monday!

As usual, Monday morning is always a new start for me or even the start of the misery week (routine) for me or even everyone one of us out there.....

... before i step out from my house , i would think again, should i work from home and try to run away from the traffic.... end up ..... queuing up at jam ... day and night
... catching new datelines
.... catching new agendas for the week
...... checking blardy long emails
... checking out with colleagues what took place on their happening weekend compared to mine
..... can't wait for lunch time
... keep looking at the clock that clicks so damn slow
..... think what i have left out since last week
... think of what will be the good things / accomplishment that i have succeeded / not
..... think and daydream a bit....
.... wonder why lunch time past so fast....
....anyway, maybe this comes in a package afterall...

One item that refreshes me today is this conversation, that really catches my ears at this early hours when i just kick off my Monday morning bluessss

It was a conversation from my neighbour with his engineer from Banglore (on speaker phone) :
My funny neighbor : Hello Hairy Prasat !
My funny neighbor : HELLO HAIRY Prasat ! Are you there Hairy !
I was talking to myself : (Oh my godness, if you calling the right name , i wouldn't mind, why not just call him "bulu bulu". Does he knows that some of us are laughing away)
My funny neighbor : Oh hairy!
Hari Prasad : Yes sir!
My funny neighbor : You sure you hairy!
Hari Prasad : Yes sir, i'm Hari Prasad !
My funny neighbor : Hello Hairy Bangsat !
Bangsat = Definition = something not good afterall ..

errrhhhh .... anyway, the conversation just kick in after that, i wonder what Hari Prasad is thinking now, is he deaf , did it on purpose or he is already scolding him in his heart :)

So guys out there, if you are not sure such name, please consults your colleague la... malu la ni !

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