Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Workaholics out there ! Beware !!

After reading this, do you still want to work like a ... hmmmm how would i describe it ... a DOG , a BULL or even a WRESTLER :)

Anyway, i doubt you would never thought of it too since this is not the best time toeven think of leaving erly especially those working in banking sectors. One good place that you may see is what's been practiced in the workplace i am , but the more the hours u stay back, the better the employer would felt especially when you did not ask for paid OT , or half dead.

Anyway, in the current market, the longer you stay back, make sure it's productive, else please lift your bum up and get the hell out of my way!!

Take k workaholics!

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Angie Ng said...

You are right, during this economic crisis, we better be kept quiet and do what we should do.