Monday, March 16, 2009

What would you do on Earth Hour

I wouldn't imagine what would happen that night .... when all the lights are turned off, if it rains cats and dogs and so happens it falls on a season of "ching ming" which is a day when you will see people burning imitation money, clothes and servants along dark street for the deceased to use afterlife.

Want to know more about "ching ming"

More readings on how to use the imitation money for the deceased ?

Will our security / police force be ready to rumble?

Fire brigade are you ready to pick up the mess if the candles that the supporters are bringing in helps to light up the day?

Shopkeepers and grocery stalls make sure you have stocked up enough candles which is on demand !!! :)

Will the mat rempits be out for business "* this only applicable in Malaysia ?

Will there be any big impact events going on that night?

Will there be something which you would not like to see?

Will terrorists take this opportunity to attack?

Make sure once you power down @ 2030SGT, 28th March 2009, make sure you can power up by the next hour? i'm sure you wouldn't want to see some magic show happening when goods are missing from the origin place. This goes to control towers, highrise buildings and banks too ~

What's worse is that
"There are 8,760 hours in one Earth year. The goal which is highly overambitious is to reach 1 billion persons. This is 1/6 of Earth's population and many of these live within the same households.

So at the very most, Earth hour will make an impact on your planet by 1/210,240.

Sorry, but one hour per year is nothing more than pandering and condescending to the real change that our planet desperately needs.

It will have the same effect as going out tomorrow and saving the world's starving and homeless by wearing a t-shirt with a smiley face on it."

Well, let's not demotivate yourself because of this. Do support this event wherever you are !!!
Do check it out : it's not only celebrated by malaysia but the world. Not too sure if they are celebrated by the "others" :)


Angie Lee said...

I would reconsider what that is on my plan. :( which is to go out with my friends on that day.

I hope is a peaceful day after this historical day.

A day to remember!

damienho said...

Angie. So fast let go this opportunity. Lets party out the night. There are some rave party going on in conjunction of this. Do not miss it out.

Anonymous said...

not thinking about earth hour, thats for sure

Earth Hour Sucks said...

I'm sorry but... "earth hour" ?

I have come to believe all that stuff is to convince people they are making a difference... when they are NOT! When folks start parking their SUV'S and turn the heat off in rooms they are not in... THAT STILL WON'T DO IT!

People will never change what's needed to make a REAL change.

ReachingWest said...

We're following Earth Hour.. Here's our family plan:

Everything in our home will get powered up. All lights ON. All hot tub pumps ON full power, The oven ON, All televisions ON, Toaster - ON (and constantly reset), Furnace fan turned up to High, All Radios ON, All cellphones charging.

Also - My 17 year old son has written a program to have all the computers in the house (7) run a complex CPU intensive algorithm.

We appreciate human kinds accomplishments and have researched GW - it is unfounded.

That should do it.